Dental Technology

Dental Technology

The use of latest dental technology for identifying oral disease, patient communication and dental treatment has become an indispensable part of clinical dentistry.

At The Dental Wellness Centre we incorporate the following innovative dental technologies

Dental chairs

Dental chairs

We are equipped with German manufactured dental chairs and units that offer the highest levels of comfort and utility to the patient and the clinician.

Some of the features include:

  • Unrivalled Ergonomics Flexibility and Aesthetics
  • Patented bellow design serves a specific purpose in hygiene
  • Clearly structured control panel, plus a single foot control for all the relevant treatment functions as required by the clinician
  • Maximum protection with built-in disinfection unit and easy-to-clean / sterilizable surfaces

Digital radiography

Digital radiography is a form of x-ray imaging, where digital x-ray sensors are used instead of traditional x-ray film. Digital radiography has advantages over conventional x-rays and it can save time for patients through bypassing the chemical processing of films.

Digital Dental X-rays offer the following benefits:

Radiation Benefits
85% less radiation Accurate images
Better diagnosis No harsh chemicals
Environmentally safe Increased patient communication
Comfort and safety Digitally enhanced & instantly transferred
Digital X-ray scanner: Aceton "Digora Optime"
Aceton Digora Optime

The DIGORA ® Optime intraoral Digital Imaging System is designed to make work in the dental office easier and more efficient. The DIGORA® Optime is easy to use and fast to operate. Together with DIGORA for Windows dental imaging software, it will increase image processing speed and workflow efficiency. DIGORA's hygiene concept benefits the whole imaging workflow with reduced contamination risk and improved patient and user safety.

The DIGORA® Optime System uses highly sensitive and intelligent Imaging Plate readout technology to achieve high quality images with an exceptionally wide dynamic range; even small details like 0.06mm root canal files are visible!!!.

Even an Implant planning module is included.

Aceton Xmind Novus OPG
Aceton Xmind Novus OPG

The OPG machine is the latest in digital dentistry imaging. The x-ray gives an overview of the entire mouth in one picture and allows us to diagnose problems in areas that smaller x-rays cannot view .It has high frequency generator and automatic calibration

For different dental applications such as:

  • Panoramic for both adult and child.
  • Diagnosing TMJ problems
  • Evaluation of impacted wisdom teeth
  • Information for orthodontic care

SOPROCARE -Intra-Oral Camera with cavity detector

SOPROCARE-Intra-Oral Camera with cavity detector
Seeing is Believing

Intraoral cameras have been the most successful tool in regards to increasing patient communication and education.

An intraoral camera allows us to:

  • Show precisely and clearly what we see in the mouth
  • Improve communication and education
  • Record before and after images
  • Create a permanent digital record of the condition
  • Establish trust
  • Early detection and treatment of the dental condition

At The Dental Wellness Centre we incorporate intraoral camera images as a part of dental examinations and diagnosis.

The Revelation

Thanks to autofluorescence and chromatic amplification Soprocare reveals caries, as well as new and old dental plaque. In addition, Soprocare is the first product on the market to reveal gingival inflammation.

The Soprocare versatility is combined in 3 modes:

  • "PERIO" Mode: Highlights the old and new dental plaque and gingival inflammations, even at the early stage.
  • "CARIO" Mode: Detects enamo-dentinal caries, from the stage 1 in a simple way.
  • "DAYLIGHT" Mode: Macro vision makes visible the imperceptible and allows watching the stability of micro lesions and their evolution.
  • "A picture is worth a thousand words". Come see what is inside your mouth!

Me too!! Teeth Whitening system

Me too!! Teeth Whitening system

Me too!! Teeth Whitening system is a scientifically advanced professional chairside teeth whitening system. It is safe, effective and gives you immediate results. Me too!!teeth whitening provides a bright vibrant smile that can make you feel more confident and younger.

Teeth can discolor due to:

Age Consumption of Food (eg. Coffee, Tea, Colas)
Medications Smoking

Me too!! whitening system can whiten teeth in a matter of minutes and give you a more youthful smile.

The teeth whitening procedure takes about 60 minutes. After a clinical assessment and matching of the existing shade of your teeth, the whitening proces is inititated. Most people experience 3–8 shades difference.

The advantages of in-office Me too!!teeth whitening system are:

  • Immediate results
  • Saves time
  • Perfect choice for busy individuals
  • Safe and effective
  • Provides youthful appearance
  • Ask us how we can help brighten your smile!

Acteon P5 Newtron® Scaler & Acteon Suprasson P5 Booster

Acteon P5 Newtron® Scaler & Acteon Suprasson P5 Booster

At the Dental Wellness Centre we use the latest P5 Newtron®& Suprasson P5 Booster for all our periodontal procedures. Combining the benefits of powerful Newtron® technology in the state-of-the-art control module and the ergonomics of the patented Satelec Color Coding System, the P5 Newtron® Piezo ultrasonic provides the best performance and the widest choice of ultrasonic instruments available in the marketplace today.

The Newtron technology enables real-time adjustment of the tips' single plane oscillation amplitude (Cruise Control™) which means a smooth, constant and powerful vibration during treatment.

The piezoelectric ultrasonic generator Suprasson P5 Booster unit features high technology and functional design. With its minimal size and maximal power design it is suitable for all treatments from the most delicate to the most demanding — just one selector for the power modes :

  • perio
  • endo
  • scaling
  • boost

MiniLED SuperCharged

MiniLED SuperCharged

Our office uses the Satelec® Mini LED SuperCharged for all its aesthetic filings.

The initial power, rated at 2000 mWatt/cm², can reach 3000 mWatt/cm² using the "BoosterTip" - on a par with the best plasma lamps. Most composites are cured in just a few seconds, without any risk of raising the pulp temperature. It features a high-yield LED that emits within the optimal light spectrum meaning that composites are cured perfectly.

The back-lit display screen, together with the wide choice of times and menus available, ensure the practitioner precise control of the clinical treatment. The fact that there is no fan, combined with its light weight and compact design, make the instrument easy to handle in ideal conditions of total hygiene and safety.

Rotary Endodontics

Rotary Endodontics
Dentamerica Endomax Cordless Endodontic Handpiece

Rotary endodontics employs electrically-powered instruments to perform the root canal treatment rather than traditional stainless-steel manual files. The electric hand tool is equipped with a tip constructed out of nickel titanium – a material that is five times more flexible than stainless steel.

Due to the flexibility and unique movement of the nickel-titanium instrument, it can be inserted deeply into a curved root canal without stretching or damaging the passageway. This makes for a quick and reliable procedure with less chance of complications.

The electric tools are much quieter and smoother, without the loud grinding that accompanies manual files.

The fast treatment time, in conjunction with quieter instruments, make for a much more comfortable and less frightening experience for patients.

GP Cutter (Gutta Perch Cutter) Root Canal Obturation Systems

GP Cutter Root Canal Obturation Systems

An instrument especially for cutting gutta-percha and obturators!. With a G P cutter you no longer need to insert a hot instrument into the mouth as the rechargeable GP cutter can be placed in the patient's mouth before the heating device is activated. The G P cutter cut is easy-to-use and comfortable for the patient.



At the beginning of the day the floors are thoroughly scrubbed with scented Phenol which leaves the place clean and smelling fresh. The chairs and all moving/rotating parts are sprayed with antiseptic solution and wiped clean with a soft cloth. After every patient the same procedure is followed for the chairs to prevent cross infection.

Instrument Sterilization

Our office uses a "SEALED POUCHES" system which eliminates unnecessary handling of individual instruments by the disinfection staff which helps to eliminate exposure to the instruments. The instruments are put through a series of cleaning procedures and wrapped for final sterilization. The instruments are then placed into a digital autoclave and autoclaved at 121 degrees .Once sterilized each pouch is only unwrapped only during the treatment procedure.

The Ultra Modern B-class Autoclave For Guranteed Sterilization

The Ultra Modern B-class Autoclave For Guranteed Sterilization

With the B-CALSS AUTOCLAVE you are assured of 100% sterilization of all the equipment and instruments used during your treatment procedures.

Autoclaves commonly sterilise by exposing its items to elevated temperatures of 121 to 134ºC under pressure of 15 to 30 psi, for a holding time of anywhere between three to 30 minutes. The combination of the time, temperature and steam, deliver a powerful kill rate which even the hardest of bacteria find hard to survive. This effective and yet clean method of lethality is unmatched by any of the other methods of sterilisation.

Our office also has dental units in each treatment room which have self-contained water systems. These water systems utilize sterile water which simply means that any water going into your mouth while sitting for a procedure is sterile.

Disposable materials We use a fresh, new pair of gloves for every patient that is disposed off immediately after the treatment is completed. This is all done in front of every patient . In addition we use disposable masks, suction tips and plastic glasses. All local anesthetic is given from sealed syringes that are opened in front of you and disposed off immediately after treatment.

Cristofoli Ultron II

Cristofoli Ultron II

Dental ultrasonic cleaner with CE approval

Braces technology

Braces Technology

lingual 3D : please visit for more information

Incognito Customised braces: please visit for more information

Clear Aligners: please visit

Patient Communication

Patient Communication

Honeydent is a powerful software application that allows us to electronically communicate with our patients. It enables us to send out text message and email appointment reminders and confirmations, and allows our patients to give certified reviews. We have also integrated social media to improve the ways in which we educate and communicate with the dental community

By utilizing the latest in dental technology, the care you receive produces outstanding results in less time, is more comfortable, and ensures you receive a beautiful smile that will last you a lifetime!